About Columbia MSRED

Our Program

The Columbia MSRED program is a three semester intensive real estate program for students of all different professional backgrounds who are interested in a comprehensive curriculum focusing on core financial and management competencies while simultaneously giving students an unmatched chance to comprehensively understand the profession’s allied fields, including law, construction, politics, architecture and urbanism.  Columbia’s MSRED program has the unique advantage of being situated in what can be arguably called the best laboratory for exploration in the world of real estate- New York City.

The Class of 2012 Profile

The 2012 MSRED cohort is a highly diverse group of motivated aspiring real estate professionals.  The 85 person student body bring experience from living and working in all corners of the U.S.A., (including Hawaii), Canada, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Serbia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Phillipines, Uruguay, Australia and Tanzania.  Professionally, we are a combined group of entrepreneurs, investors, investment bankers, developers, architects, engineers, construction managers, planners, property managers, marketing  and branding professionals, lawyers, real estate appraisers and more. What we share is a common passion for the built environment and desire to be visionary leaders in the real estate industry of tomorrow.